Guidelines for Students

  1. Communication in English is a must within the school premises.
  2. A student should attend the class punctually, if by chance he / she comes late an entry has to be made in the page allotted for late attendance in the handbook and the signature of the Principal, or other persons authorised, to be obtained before entering the class.
  3. Persistent late comers will be sent back home. It is essential to have 80% attendance for   promotion.
  4. No leave or absence will be granted except on written application of the parents addressed to the Principal in advance. Students with 100% attendance will be rewarded.
  5. Students should be attentive in class, complete all assignments on time and bring necessary books for class work regularly.
  6. It is the responsibility of the student to get sign in the home assignment notebook, daily test notebooks, grades/marks obtained by him / her.
  7. Damage done to furniture, library books, sports goods, lab equipments etc. must be paid by the respective student.
  8. It is forbidden to write or scribble on the wall, desks, throw paper or ink in the class room.
  9. Students are responsible for the safety of their activity equipment. If left in school, must be kept under the charge of the class teacher/the activity teacher concerned. The school cannot be held responsible for the loss of any equipment left inadvertly in the school bus or in any place in the school premises.
  10. A student should be tolerant and respectful to others and must participate in all the activities of the school as per the school curriculum.
  11. A student should always be neatly dressed in school uniform with shoes polished and hair properly groomed.
  12. Students must refrain from keeping long nails and using nail polish.
  13. Students are expected to keep the campus clean and tidy. They must take good care of the property and material of the school. Any damage done either intentionally or by negligence will result to a payment done at school.
  14. Library books should be handled carefully. Perfect silence should be maintained in the Library.
  15. Students are expected to be polite and respectful while addressing the staff members.

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