Home Work Policy

The purpose of home work is :

  • to give children an opportunity to practise and extend their learning from the classroom, and so to reinforce their knowledge and understanding
  • to set work, such as reading or spelling practice, which can be supported by parents in a one-to-one situation
  • to infuse a sense of self confidence. No work be assigned which would lead to depression or self pity.
  • to keep parents informed of the work being set in school and their child’s level of understanding/attainment

At its best, homework can achieve all of the above aims and provide excellent support to the child, the teacher and to the family.

For our homework policy to achieve its stated purpose there needs to be an agreement of roles and responsibilities of all concerned,plus a positive attitude and an understanding of our partnership as parents and teachers.

It is our policy in school always to be positive with the children – to congratulate them on their successes, and to build up their confidence in the things they can do. For homework to be productive it is important that parents try to be consistent in a positive attitude as well. PLEASE do not be critical of children’s spelling, presentation, reading or speed of mental agility. It will dent their confidence and could be very damaging. Always concentrate on what they can do – and enjoy working with them.

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