Partnership with Parents

We firmly believe that a successful education is based upon a very strong and positive partnership with parents. We encourage parents to talk to us about their children whenever necessary and we appreciate the support that parents offer.

We request that parents and pupils jointly commit to a "Home-School Partnership" with the School. In addition, we urge parents to communicate any issues that may arise as we work together for the benefit of the pupils.

Student Handbooks

Our Student Handbooks are handed to each student at the beginning of each academic school year. They are a great help in achieving the "Home-School Partnership" with parents, as they contain useful information and also a record of communication between parents and teachers, through which communication is quick and easy. This is something that we believe is essential as we can work together to ensure that the child is supported and encouraged enough to achieve their potential.

Parent Open Days

Every Thursday is an open day throughout the academic year. These provide the opportunity to visit the school and see for yourself our buildings and structure. You can meet and talk to staff and pupils, the Principal and management and view the progress and activities of the pupils. We do invite all parents to come in and check the progress of students and are always open to suggestions for improvement.

Roles of Parents and guardian

Parents and guardians are aware of the fact that their help and co-operation is needed for the building of sound character in pupils. Their children must be made to realise that a well ordered and disciplined way of life is important at home, just like in school. They are, therefore earnestly requested to see that the rules of the school are strictly observed.

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