National and International Achievements

Our students have really made our institution proud by bringing back not just laurels but international laurels from Bhutan and Nepal.

The Jomasar Taekwondo Chanpionship was held in Kathmandu and I’m proud to say that our students came home with gold medals. Hats off to the winners - R. Nitheswar (VII), M. Afthahar Zaki (VIII), S.Divakar (VIII), S.Ranjan (VIII), V. Karthik Saran (VIII), A. Vigneshwar (VIII), B.P Sakthi Bala (VIII), R. Ajay Mugam (IX), R. Hari Haran (IX) and Udhaya raj (IX).

In International Atheletics (4X100m relay) held at Bhutan, Mani Kandan R. (IX), Vigneswar A (VIII) and Karthik Saran R (VII) won gold medals.

In the National level games the junior boys Afthahar Zaki (VIII), Mani kandan (IX), Vigneshkumar (VIII) and Karthik Saran (VIII) won gold medals.

The junior girls Hasiba (VIII), Jefrin Priyanga (VII), Kanishka (VII) and Ramya (VIII) won gold medals.

Ajay Rathinam (X) won the bronze medal for the 1500m and Monika Devi won bronze medals in 100m dash and long jump.

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