The School and Trust

Point Calimere International School is one of the best schools of its kind situated in Kuravapulam, Vedaranyam near the shores of Point Calimere, a heritage destination of incredible India. This school is promoted by Arifa Educational and Charitable Trust by the Philanthropist Mr. M. Sulthanul Arifeen, a native of Thopputhurai Village, located in Vedaranyam Taluk of Nagapattinam district in Tamil Nadu which is on the East Coast of the Southern Part of India.​

The trust came into being in 2011 with the objective of promoting quality education to match global standards and empower the youth to compete with the rest of the world. The youth of our times should be nurtured with a comprehensive system of education to preserve tradition and maintain the identity to which they belong. It is with these lofty ideals the trend sets on a journey of discovering talent to foster the truth and greatness of our people.

Our Vision And Mission


Point Calimere International School is dedicated to uplift the rural mass and aims at bringing a positive change in society which will help create global citizens.


Point Calimere International School is committed to provide world class education where the students are empowered to be effective communicators, problem solvers and life-long learners in an ever-changing global society.


Transforming dreams into realities.

Our Legacy

Our Legacy is based on giving the best to the most deserving people.

In all we do, we endeavor to act in the best interest of all parties involved and exercise integrity with our personal and business dealings.

We always like to be with the truthful in knowledge gaining and maintaining it with practical discipline. We believe that life should be passionate and engaging with ethics and courage to keep ethical values in the society.

Every year, we review what we are doing in terms of our community service, especially in the areas of education and health care.

Our Core Values

Unity in Diversity

We celebrate the rich diversity of our school community. We believe that our unity in diversity is our strength and it fosters a vibrant, inclusive learning environment that enriches the educational experience.


We are dedicated to fostering an environment where every student feels valued, and differences are respected and celebrated.

Empathy and Respect

We promote a culture of respect and empathy, encouraging our students to value diversity and understand different perspectives. We believe that every individual brings unique value to our school community.


We foster a sense of responsibility towards self, community, and the environment. We empower our students to be accountable for their actions and understand the impact of their decisions

Excellence In Education

We are dedicated to providing a rigorous academic program that inspires curiosity, fosters critical thinking, and encourages a lifelong love for learning. Our high educational standards coupled with innovative teaching methodologies empower our students to reach their full academic potential.


Honesty, trustworthiness, and ethical behaviors are integral to our school ethos. We encourage our students to uphold these principles in all their endeavors.


We believe in the power of innovation in shaping the future. We encourage creativity, and offer robust support systems to enable each student to achieve their full potential.

Nation Building

We instill a sense of national pride and a commitment to societal development in our students. We nurture leaders who will contribute positively to nation building


We strive to instill resilience in our students, helping them face challenges with a positive attitude and bounce back from adversity

Board of Trustees


Board of Trustees


Board of Trustees


Board of Trustees


Board of Trustees


Board of Trustees


Board of Trustees
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