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Point Calimere International School is a reputed educational school set amid the tranquil sceneries of Vedaranyam in the Nagapattinam district. Since its inception in June 2012, our school has been a dynamic center of learning and growth, firmly grounded in the ideals of the Arifa Educational and Charitable Trust. 

We are proudly affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), and we provide a comprehensive curriculum designed to spark intellectual curiosity, stimulate critical thinking, and foster a love of learning. 

Our academic programs strive to develop learners into critical thinkers and problem solvers who are prepared to take on the challenges of the modern world

Mr. M. Sulthanul Arifeen

Chairman’s Message


The past eleven years have been a fantastic voyage of intellectual exploration and education. The voyage serves as a reminder that learning never stops. The institution gives its students access to the best resources available from around the globe to help them grow into the kind of people the world will need in the future.

As a dynamic and progressive educational institution, we provide a collaborative, cooperative, and supportive environment to foster development as well as supportive teaching practises that are not only stimulating and conducive to learning but also ensure that our students grow up into holistic individuals with deeply rooted value systems.  The learning tools used by our educators engage the students actively, kindling their enthusiasm in their quest to learn and achieve greater heights with each passing year.  Thus we believe in enabling our students to have continuous ethical and professional education.

Principal’s Message​

Dear Students, Parents, and Staff,

I am thrilled to welcome you to our school’s website. As the principal of this amazing institution, I am proud to say that we are committed to providing our students with a holistic education that prepares them for the challenges of the modern world.

Our school is a vibrant community that fosters a love of learning, creativity, and innovation. We have a team of dedicated and experienced teachers who work tirelessly to ensure that every student reaches their full potential.

Our curriculum is designed to provide a well-rounded education that includes academics, sports, arts, and extra-curricular activities. We believe that every student has unique talents and interests, and we strive to help them develop those talents and pursue their passions.

At our school, we value diversity, respect, and inclusion. We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment where all students can thrive and feel valued.

Mrs. Sirajunisa Begum B


Thameem Ansari K.A.
COO of Arifa Group of Institutions

Cheif Operating Officer's Message

Dear Parents, Students, and Staff,

As we reflect on the remarkable journey of the past twelve years, I am filled with gratitude for the unwavering dedication and commitment of our entire school community. It has been an extraordinary voyage of intellectual exploration and growth, one that reaffirms the timeless truth that learning is a lifelong endeavor.

Our institution stands as a beacon of excellence, offering our students access to unparalleled resources sourced from across the globe. These resources are not merely tools for education; they are gateways to a future where our students will become the leaders and innovators that our world so desperately needs.

At our semi-residential school, we pride ourselves on fostering a dynamic and progressive environment. It is an environment characterized by collaboration, cooperation, and unwavering support. Through our innovative teaching practices, we endeavor not only to stimulate minds but also to nurture the development of well-rounded individuals with deeply ingrained values.

Our educators are not just teachers; they are mentors and guides, igniting the flames of curiosity and enthusiasm in our students’ hearts. Together, they embark on a journey of discovery, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and striving for excellence with each passing day.

As we look to the future, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing our students with not only a top-notch education but also the tools they need to navigate the complexities of the world ethically and professionally.

Thank you for entrusting us with the education and well-being of your children. Together, let us continue to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and change-makers.

Our Vision And Mission


Point Calimere International School is committed to uplifting the rural masses and aims at bringing a positive change in society that will help create global citizens.


Point Calimere International School is committed to provide world-class education where the students are empowered to be effective communicators, problem solvers, and life-long learners in an ever-changing global society.


Transforming dreams into realities.

Our Core Values

Unity in Diversity

We celebrate the rich diversity of our school community. We believe that our unity in diversity is our strength and it fosters a vibrant, inclusive learning environment that enriches the educational experience.


We are dedicated to fostering an environment where every student feels valued, and differences are respected and celebrated.

Empathy and Respect

We promote a culture of respect and empathy, encouraging our students to value diversity and understand different perspectives. We believe that every individual brings unique value to our school community.



We foster a sense of responsibility towards self, community, and the environment. We empower our students to be accountable for their actions and understand the impact of their decisions

Excellence In Education

We are dedicated to providing a rigorous academic program that inspires curiosity, fosters critical thinking, and encourages a lifelong love for learning. Our high educational standards coupled with innovative teaching methodologies empower our students to reach their full academic potential.


Honesty, trustworthiness, and ethical behaviors are integral to our school ethos. We encourage our students to uphold these principles in all their endeavors.


We believe in the power of innovation in shaping the future. We encourage creativity, and offer robust support systems to enable each student to achieve their full potential.

Nation Building

We instill a sense of national pride and a commitment to societal development in our students. We nurture leaders who will contribute positively to nation building


We strive to instill resilience in our students, helping them face challenges with a positive attitude and bounce back from adversity

Our Core Values

School Facilities

Air-Conditioned Classes

Experience optimal learning in our AC-equipped classrooms, fostering student focus and comfort

Traditional & Digital Library

Discover a fusion of knowledge in our traditional and digital libraries, empowering diverse learning journeys

IT Labs and Smart Classes Rooms

Empowering digital learning through advanced IT Labs and Smart Classrooms.

Sports & Play Area

Dynamic Sports & Play Area, promoting fitness and teamwork

Hostel facility

Comfortable & secure hostel facility, fostering a supportive home-away-from-home for students

Transport facility

Empowering digital learning through advanced IT Labs and Smart Classrooms.

Meet the Teachers

Cassandra Maria Vernum​

Vice Principal

Khrietsino Peseyie​​

English Teacher


Maths Teacher

M N Arjun ​​

Biology Teacher

School Tour Video


School Awards & Achievements

Our school has been awarded numerous awards for academic excellence, community service, and extracurricular activities.

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