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The Primary School program at Point Calimere International School, encompassing Grades I-V, is committed to offering a robust and enriching educational experience. This foundational phase is carefully designed to foster curiosity, creativity, and a deep love for learning in our young students.

Our curriculum incorporates a broad spectrum of subjects, ensuring students receive a comprehensive and well-rounded education. Teaching methods are interactive and engaging, fostering an environment where children are excited to learn and explore. Practical applications, project-based learning, and experiential lessons are integrated to enhance the understanding of classroom teachings.

Beyond academics, our Primary School students are encouraged to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities such as sports, arts, and club activities, promoting their holistic development.

Students Life in Primary School

Primary school is a time of great learning and discovery for students. They are introduced to new concepts and ideas, and they start to develop their own unique interests and talents.

At our school, we believe that primary school students learn best when they are engaged and challenged. We offer a variety of learning activities, including project-based learning, inquiry-based learning, and hands-on learning. We also encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities, such as sports, clubs, and the arts.

Here are some of the things that primary school students can expect in our school:

  • A challenging and engaging method of learning
  • A variety of learning activities
  • Opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities
  • A positive and supportive learning environment
  • Teachers who are passionate about education
  • Resources to help parents support their child’s education
Beyond academics, our students enjoy numerous opportunities to explore their interests through activities such as art, music, dance, sports, and clubs. These activities not only provide a creative outlet but also help students develop essential life skills such as teamwork, resilience, and leadership. Outdoor classes and field trips are regular features of student life, providing a break from the traditional classroom environment and offering real-life learning experiences.

Teaching methods

Our Primary School teachers at Point Calimere International School are dedicated, experienced, and passionate about nurturing young minds. They understand the unique learning needs of students in grades I-V and are committed to fostering an environment that promotes intellectual curiosity and a love for learning.

Our teaching methods are a blend of traditional and innovative strategies. We believe in experiential learning; hence our teachers often incorporate hands-on activities, group projects, and real-world examples to make lessons engaging and relevant.

We also believe that parents play an important role in their child’s education. We encourage parents to be involved in their child’s learning, and we offer a variety of resources to help parents support their child’s education.


  • English
  • Second Language: (Hindi, Tamil)
  • Third Language: (Hindi, Tamil)
  • Evs
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science

Learning tools

  • X-SEED methodology of teaching for grade I to V encouraging diverse ideas and thinking.
  • Educational Apps: Used to make learning fun and interactive, reinforcing concepts taught in class. (Example: Karadi Path, Blockly, Tekie, etc.)
  • Interactive Whiteboards: Used in classrooms to make lessons more dynamic and engaging, facilitating better comprehension of complex topics.
  • Smart TVs: Utilized for displaying educational videos, conducting video conferences, and enhancing digital learning experiences in the classroom.
  • Multimedia Presentations: Leveraged for lesson instruction, making learning more visual and interactive. Can be displayed on Smart TVs for a larger view.
  • Digital Storytelling Tools: Allows students to create and share their own multimedia stories, encouraging creativity and digital literacy from an early age.
  • Coding Platform for Kids: Introduce basic coding concepts in a fun and accessible way, fostering computational thinking from a young age.
  • Collaborative Learning Platforms: These platforms facilitate group projects and class discussions, promoting collaborative learning.
  • Personalized Learning Platforms: These adapt to each student’s learning pace and style, offering personalized tasks and activities
  • Other Learning Platforms:Our Primary students are introduced to a host of additional learning platforms. These innovative resources providing diverse experiences and fostering a comprehensive understanding of core subjects.


Sports Competitions

  • Sports Day: An annual event featuring a range of athletic competitions like sprints, relays, and obstacle races.
  • Long Jump and High Jump Events: Tests physical fitness and agility.
  • Obstacle Course Challenge: Enhances physical agility, speed, and problem-solving skills.
  • Bean Bag Toss: Enhances aim and coordination in a friendly competition.
  • Tug of War: A classic team game that encourages strength and teamwork.
  • Relay Races: Promotes teamwork, speed, and coordination among young students.
  • Hula Hoop Challenge: A contest that tests endurance and coordination.
  • Other Sports Competitions:We provide fun and engaging activities to pique our younger student’s curiosity and promote the development of basic sports skills in a friendly and inclusive environment.

Co-curricular Activities

Certainly, at Point Calimere International School, we believe in offering a wide range of co-curricular activities to cater to the diverse interests of our Primary School students. These activities not only supplement academic learning but also contribute to the all-round development of our young learners.

    • Karate: This martial art activity not only equips students with self-defense techniques but also instills discipline, focus, and respect. It’s a powerful way to build physical agility and self-confidence in our young students.
    • Yoga: Regular yoga sessions are part of our curriculum. These sessions enhance physical flexibility, improve concentration, and teach students essential stress management techniques.
    • Dance: Dance classes in our school are more than just learning steps to music. It’s a form of creative expression and a fun way to improve physical fitness and coordination.
    • Music: Our music classes foster a love for rhythm and melody. Whether it’s singing or playing an instrument, these classes aid in the cognitive development of our students and provide them with a medium for self-expression.
    • Art and Craft: These sessions fuel students’ creativity and help in developing their artistic abilities.
    • Other Activities: We provide a range of co-curricular activities for our Primary students, fostering their holistic development and diverse interests.


Extra-Curricular Competitions

  • Spelling Bee: Enhances vocabulary and language skills.
  • Storytelling Competition: Encourages creativity, language skills, and self-expression.
  • Art and Clay Modelling Competitions: Provides a platform for students to express their creativity, imagination, and enhances their fine motor skills.
  • Face Painting Competition: Encourages creativity and provides a fun way for students to express themselves artistically.
  • Science Fair: Encourages scientific exploration and problem-solving skills.
  • Math Olympiad: Helps to enhance problem-solving skills and logical thinking.
  • Poetry Recitation: Enhances language skills and confidence.
  • Dance and Music Competitions: Allow students to express themselves creatively and build performance skills.
  • Other Competitions:To further cultivate their diverse interests and talents, we organize a variety of additional contests.

Sports and games

At Point Calimere International School, we understand the importance of physical education and sports in the holistic development of our Primary School students. Our sports and games programsare designed to be enjoyable and engaging, while promoting physical fitness and instilling a spirit of healthy competition. Our young learners participate in a diverse range of sports and games that promote physical fitness, motor skill development, teamwork, and the spirit of healthy competition.

Here are some of the engaging activities our Primary School students enjoy:

Fill Me

A fun, team-based activity that enhances coordination and team cooperation

Pick and Drop

This game promotes agility and quick thinking, fostering both physical and cognitive skills.

Pack Up and Run

An exciting game that combines physical activity with strategic thinking.

100m, 200m, and 300m dash

This classic track event fosters a sense of competition and helps improve speed and endurance.

Ball Race

An engaging game that enhances coordination, speed, and balance.

Lemon & Spoon

A classic game that tests balance and concentration.

Mass Drill

A group activity that fosters discipline, synchronization, and teamwork.

Additional Sports and Games

We offer an array of additional sports and games for our Primary students, promoting physical development and team spirit.

Exams and results

At Point Calimere International School, we view exams and results as important tools for understanding the progress of our Primary School students. We have carefully designed our assessment methods to be as encouraging and constructive as possible, aiming to foster a positive perspective towards learning and evaluation among our students.

Our evaluation process involves a mix of formative and summative assessments, including quizzes, project-based assignments, and term-end examinations. The primary purpose of these assessments is to measure the students’ understanding of the concepts, and not merely their ability to recall information.

When it comes to results, our focus extends beyond just grades. We value progress, effort, and the development of learning skills. Our teachers provide personalized feedback for each student, highlighting their strengths and areas that require more attention.

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