Secondary School

Point Calimere International School, proudly situated within the culturally diverse Nagapattinam district, delivers an exemplary Secondary School program that serves as the pivotal academic bridge between foundational learning and Senior Secondary education. We are committed to facilitating a learning environment that fosters intellectual growth, stimulates curiosity, and promotes academic excellence.

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to encapsulate a broad range of subjects, providing students with the academic rigor necessary for developing critical thinking skills and an intrinsic passion for knowledge acquisition. The dedicated educators at our institution prioritize personalized instruction, creating an educational milieu where each student’s unique potential is recognized and nurtured.

Students Life in Secondary School​:

Life as a Secondary School student at Point Calimere International School is a rich tapestry of academic growth and personal development. Our students thrive in a nurturing environment that balances rigorous scholastic pursuits with an array of co-curricular activities.

Beyond the academic curriculum, our students explore their interests and talents through a plethora of co-curricular activities, including sports, music, art, drama, and clubs devoted to various fields of interest. These activities provide opportunities for teamwork, leadership, and personal expression, complementing academic studies and contributing to a well-rounded education.

At Point Calimere International School, our Secondary School students are not just learners but active participants in a vibrant school community, experiencing a dynamic and fulfilling student life.

Teaching methods

At Point Calimere International School, our faculty consists of dedicated and experienced educators who are committed to providing exceptional learning experiences for our Secondary School students. They utilize an array of teaching methods, combining traditional classroom instruction with innovative, student-centric approaches to cater to diverse learning styles.

Our teachers foster an environment of inquiry and exploration, encouraging students to question, analyze, and think critically. They leverage real-world applications of academic concepts, making learning more relevant and engaging for students.

Overall, our teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the learning journey of our students, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their academic pursuits and beyond.


  • English
  • Second Language: (Hindi, Tamil)
  • Third Language: (Hindi, Tamil)
  • Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology – combined)
  • Social Studies(History, Civics and Geography-combined)
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • English
  • Second Language: (Hindi, Tamil)
  • Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology – combined)
  • Social Studies(History, Civics and Geography-combined)
  • Mathematics

Learning tools

  • Interactive Whiteboards: Used in classrooms to make lessons more dynamic and engaging, facilitating better comprehension of complex topics.
  • Digital Learning Platforms: Enables students to access educational materials anytime, anywhere, promoting self-paced learning and personalized study plans.
  • Multimedia Presentations: Utilized to enhance lessons with visuals and audio aids, making learning more interactive and effective.
  • Smart TVs: Utilized for displaying educational videos, conducting video conferences, and enhancing digital learning experiences in the classroom.
  • Science and Computer Labs: Equipped with modern equipment and software for hands-on learning experiences, fostering practical understanding of scientific and technological concepts.
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • MS-Office
  • Coding Platforms: Offer students an opportunity to learn and practice coding, developing their computational thinking and problem-solving skills.
    • Python
    • SQL
  • Tekie Platform:PCIS is proud to provide our Secondary School students with our proprietary coding platform. Created with our student’s needs in mind, Tekie offers a tailor-made experience to learn and practice coding.
  • Other Learning Platforms: We provide Secondary students with access to a range of additional learning platforms. These tools augment their academic learning, encouraging independent research, enhancing problem-solving skills, and promoting in-depth understanding.


Sports Competitions

  • ·         Inter-House Sports Day: An event filled with various sports competitions promoting team spirit and athleticism.

    ·         Track and Field Events: Includes various events such as sprints, long-distance races, and jumps.

    ·         Badminton Singles and Doubles Tournament: Enhances agility, speed, and team cooperation.

    ·         Inter-House Cricket Championship: Encourages teamwork, strategic planning, and coordination.

    ·         Kabaddi Tournaments:An engaging event where students can showcase the basic Kabaddi skills they’ve learned.

    ·         Volleyball Tournaments: Promotes teamwork, agility, and hand-eye coordination.


    ·         Other Sports Competitions: Our Secondary students are invited to participate in a range of additional sports competitions, aimed at enhancing their physical abilities and promoting healthy competition.

Co-curricular Activities

At Point Calimere International School, we believe in the holistic development of our students and the value of learning beyond the classroom. Our comprehensive range of Co-Curricular activities, specially designed for our Secondary School students, offers opportunities to explore diverse interests, develop new skills, and foster well-rounded individuals.

  • Karate Classes: Aimed at boosting physical fitness and discipline, our Karate classes enable students to learn self-defense, build confidence, and respect.
  • Yoga Sessions: Serving as a peaceful retreat from academics, our Yoga sessions enhance physical health, concentration, and stress management skills.
  • Dance Classes: Providing a creative outlet, our dance classes improve students’ physical fitness, coordination, and self-confidence.
  • Music Classes: By fostering an appreciation for various musical genres, our music classes enhance cognitive abilities, creativity, and self-expression.
  • Art and Craft Classes: Our Art and Craft classes foster creativity, self-expression, and problem-solving skills in students by transforming ideas into tangible creations.
  • Other Co-Curricular Activities: Tailored to diverse interests and aspirations, our variety of activities foster personal growth, leadership skills, and resilience in Senior Secondary students.


Extra-Curricular Competitions

    • Science Fair: Allows students to showcase their scientific knowledge and creativity.
    • Math Olympiad: Challenges students to solve complex mathematical problems.
    • Art Contest: Gives students a platform to exhibit their artistic talents.
    • School-Level Spelling Bee: Tests students’ vocabulary and spelling skills.
    • Book Review Competition: Encourages reading and develops analytical thinking.
    • Face Painting Competition: Allows students to showcase their artistic skills.
    • Public Speaking Competition: Develops students’ confidence and communication skills.
    • Tech Fair: Showcases students’ skills in technology and innovation.
    • Foreign Language Bee: Tests students’ proficiency in a second language.
    • Invention Convention: Provides a platform for students to showcase their innovative solutions to everyday problems.
    • Quiz Bowl: Enhances knowledge and quick recall skills on a variety of topics.
    • Recitation Competition: Enhances oratory skills and language proficiency.
    • Other Competitions: We extend the realm of extra-curricular competitions for our Secondary students, aiming to foster their creativity, collaboration, and competitive spirit.

Sports and games

At PCIS, we deeply value the role of sports and games in promoting physical fitness, teamwork, and discipline among our Secondary School students. Our sports program is designed to be engaging and diverse, catering to different interests and abilities of our students.

Here are some of the sports and games our students participate in:

Athletic Club

A club that focuses on various athletic activities to improve overall fitness and agility.


A popular team sport that fosters physical fitness, strategic thinking, and teamwork.


Enhances hand-eye coordination, agility, and team cooperation

Track and Field

Includes various events such as sprints, long-distance races, and jumps that promote endurance and agility.


A team sport that enhances coordination, agility, and teamwork.


Helps improve speed, agility, and reflexes.


Enhances strategic thinking and concentration.


A team sport popular in the region, cricket fosters teamwork, strategic thinking, and hand-eye coordination.


A traditional Indian sport that promotes agility, coordination, team strategy, and physical strength.

Martial Arts (like Karate, Taekwondo)

These activities enhance self-defense skills, discipline, and self-confidence.

Other Sports and Games

Secondary students have access to a variety of additional sports and games, fostering physical agility and sportsmanship.

Exams and results

In PCIS, we adopt a comprehensive and balanced approach towards assessments for our Secondary School students. The purpose of exams in our institution is not just to measure the extent of knowledge acquisition, but also to foster a deep understanding of the concepts and develop critical thinking skills.

Our examinations are designed with a blend of different question types – from objective questions that test immediate recall to long-form questions that assess the ability to apply knowledge in new contexts. This ensures a well-rounded evaluation of a student’s academic progress.

The results are released in a timely manner, offering students the opportunity to reflect on their performance, understand their areas of strength, and identify the areas that need improvement. Personalized feedback is given utmost importance, and constructive comments from teachers guide students in their path of learning.

May 2024
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