Prayer Hall

At PCIS, we understand the importance of a holistic learning experience that goes beyond the conventional curriculum. One of our unique offerings is the Prayer Hall facility, a serene and dedicated space designed for prayer and contemplation.

We are proud to offer specialized Arabic language classes, conducted by professionally trained educators, for students from Grade I to VIII. The primary school program (Grade I to V) introduces the basics of reading, writing, and conversing in Arabic, intertwined with enriching insights into Arabic culture.

Our secondary school program (Grade VI to VIII) builds upon these foundational skills, deepening students’ understanding of the language and its cultural nuances, and equipping them to engage in a multilingual world.

In addition, we provide opportunities for Quran and Hadith studies. Our students engage in Quran memorization and delve into the teachings of Hadith, deepening their understanding of these sacred texts.

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