Kindergarten 1 or Lower Kinder Garten (LKG) is a critical year in a child's development. It is a time when they are learning the foundation skills that they will need for success in elementary school and beyond. Our KG1 program is based on the CBSE curriculum and is designed to be fun, engaging, and challenging

Our dedicated and experienced educators provide a warm and nurturing environment, ensuring each child feels valued and supported. The KG1 program at Point Calimere International School lays a strong foundation for a lifelong love for learning, in line with the CBSE's approach to early education.

Daily activities

  • Morning Circle Time: Each day begins with a morning circle time where students and teachers greet each other, discuss the day, the date, the weather, and any special news or events.
  • Literacy Activities: Students participate in reading and phonics activities to enhance their language and early reading skills. This may involve listening to a story, learning new words, or participating in songs and rhymes.
  • Play Time: Unstructured playtime allows children to interact with their peers, improving their social and communication skills. It also aids in physical development.
  • Art and Craft: Students engage in various art and craft activities that foster their creativity and fine motor skills.
  • Snack and Lunch Time: Mealtimes are also learning opportunities where children learn about healthy eating, manners, and independence.
  • Nap Time: A designated rest period allows children to recharge.
  • Story Time: The day often ends with a quiet Storytime, encouraging a love for books and reading.

Other activities

  • Puzzles and Board Games: These can help enhance problem-solving skills, improve focus, and promote social interaction.
  • Gardening: Planting seeds or caring for plants fosters responsibility and an understanding of the natural world.
  • Nature Walks: These guided walks allow students to explore their natural surroundings, encouraging curiosity and a respect for nature.
  • Sensory Activities: These activities stimulate the senses and can include things like playing with water, sand, or playdough, or exploring different textures and smells.
  • Additional Activities: We provide an array of additional activities specifically designed for our KG1 students. These enriching experiences stimulate their curiosity and promote foundational skills.


Building Blocks

Enhances creativity and fine motor skills.

Simple Puzzles

Develops concentration, cognitive skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Memory Games

Improves memory and attention span.

Simon Says

Cultivates active listening and understanding of instructions.

Musical Chairs

Encourages physical activity and understanding of turn-taking.

Other Games Offered

We continually introduce new games based on our students' interests, developmental stages, and curriculum themes.

Exams and results

Rather than formal exams, we conduct ongoing, informal assessments throughout the year to monitor each child’s progress. These assessments are based on observations, class participation, and the child’s interaction with peers and the environment.

The goal is to understand the child’s development in key areas like social and emotional skills, language and communication, cognitive skills, and physical coordination.

Feedback is shared with parents regularly, providing insights into the child’s learning journey, areas of strength, and areas for growth. This ongoing communication ensures a partnership between home and school, which supports the child’s development and learning.

It’s important to note that our focus at this stage is not on marks or grades but on fostering a love for learning, curiosity, and confidence in each child.

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